Willys - Why it is so loved by the coffee industry?

September 17, 2021


Jeeps have been a farmer's favourite since they hit the coffee scene for over decades ago. Willys were primarily imported for the Colombian army in the 40’s, but apparently were never used for this purpose though.



So, the coffee farmers fell in love with them to replace the hardworking mules in the mountainous coffee growing region because the roads were just single-track dirt roads and these vehicles were perfect for transporting people and equipment as they were sturdy, reliable, easy to repair and perfectly adapted to the terrain.

Today the Willys Jeep remains a folkloric figure in the Coffee industry, especially in places like Armenia and Calarcá, where some nowadays are still used as part of the process and coffee logistics in Colombia. 

Like coffee farmers, we also wanted to create a connection between agricultural producers, Willys and our consumers, integrating the development of each coffee and its process. 

For this reason, Willys was our inspiration to create the label of our Triple Fermented Colombia Coffee that represents the effort of coffee growers collecting the coffee that arrives directly in Adelaide, South Australia. This iconic transportation, is part of our direct trade process to make this amazing coffee arrive savely to Australia and easier to the farmers when harvesting. 



Also, our Colombia Triple Fermented Coffee represents the innovation and amazing process that allowed us to explore incredible flavours of cocoa, passion fruit, and sweet tropical fruits.

If you are interested in trying it, come visit our coffee roastery located in Kent Town, Adelaide or you can order it online by clicking here.