The Farm, Our Perfect Partner

October 08, 2021


When you talk about a partner, you always think of a close person or someone with a very special bond. When someone asks us who our partner is, we immediately think of Hacienda Casablanca. This farm is located in Santander, Colombia and produces the coffee that we import to roast and serve in our shop in Kent Town, Adelaide, South Australia.

Hacienda Casablanca has increased the value of its coffee through innovation, planning and renovation. Its focus is on the implementation of older plots, planting of new varieties, technical improvements in fertilisation, and drying and other innovative beans processes.

Cafetal’s aim is to create a direct connection between this agricultural producer and our consumers in Australia, maximising the value of coffee due to its unique taste, traceability, high quality and transparency in each process.




 Liliana Caballero is the head of Hacienda Casablanca, which is a family business that has passed down from generation to generation, focusing on land sustainability as part of their family tradition.
Before the harvest, the farmers start the preparations, where they review and adjust the coffee pulping machines and adapt the dryers to ensure that everything is ready to collect.




Each of the pickers carefully handpick only cherries with the appropriate maturity. By selecting only the best cherries they ensure an excellent fermentation vital for enhancing the final flavours in the roasting process.



When the coffee arrives at our store to the hands of our Cafetal roaster, Julian Gonzalez, a final touch to preserve the hard work of our partner is made by carefully choosing adequate roasting profiles to successfully roast an amazing specialty coffee, such as the Castillo Fermented.  

We use Castillo Fermented as our signature coffee, recommended for white coffees due to its double-fermented process that makes it unique in tasting with chocolate, hints of vanilla and cinnamon notes. 

You can try this coffee in our roastery in Kent Town where you can also purchase coffee bags or just order online to enjoy this coffee in the comfort of your home.

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